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Alexander Grots

Alexander is founder and CEO of the innovation and design agency Gravity with its offices in Munich. Before the start of his own company, Alex was the CEO of IDEO GmbH Munich and Partner of IDEO Inc, USA. His way into the world of innovation was not a straight line: he gathered experiences as an administrative official at the federal authorities, as a medic at the German Red Cross, as sales manager of a music store, within hotel management in various positions and in various countries throughout Europe and Asia, as a training analyst of an IT service and even manager of a call center for support and distribution of IT Hardware. His last stop before the topic of innovation was the founding of a high tech startup with its focus on mobile speech recognition. For this effort, he filed a european patent on speech recognition software.
Alex is a regular speaker on the topic of innovation at conferences and events throughout Europe... and whenever he isn't talking about new ideas, he loves spending his time on jazz, cars and hotels!