Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik

Christian Ramdohr

Cristian was born in Chile, a country with delightfully contrast landscapes. He studied industrial design in Santiago and during those great years began his connection to Germany. During the two years that he were in Germany he kept moving from place to place, looking for design experiences in different fields: engineering design, exhibition design, transportation design.

Once he returned to Chile and graduate he started cooperating with the web 2.0 Diseño Emergente and working in several projects in the field of interior and exhibition design.Recently he is working in the research field at the institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management in the Production Technology Center from the TU Berlin. He is aim is to build up an educational design network for engineers and designers between developing countries in South America and Germany and trying to improve the learning process with more innovative tools.

Cristian loves the diversity in Berlin’s urban scene. Cooking, eating and drinking a good wine while having a nice talking with friends(or friendly strangers) is his  major hobbies as well. Also language encourages him: English, German and his lovely mother tongue Spanish. He hopes to learn Portuguese as soon as possible in order to sing properly Itapua from Caetano Veloso.