Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik

Harald Gögl

When Harald took up his position at the School of Design Thinking, the new term was just about to start. With a huge leap into cold waters, he started to get to know and come to appreciate both the Design Thinking culture and the people within it. His main responsibility is the documentation of the activities withing the D-School. However, as the tasks at the D-School are so diverse, the documentalist is also involved with other projects. As native-born Austrian, sports come naturally to Harald. If he isn't dashing through Berlin on his bike, he smashes birds at his opponent at badminton. Apart from these passions, he also enjoys a cultured visit at contemporary art exhibits. The neo-Berliner doesn't just savor the cultural offers, but also delves into the lucullan charms of the city, preferably in sociable circles.