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Jörn Frenzel

Jörn is an architect (graduate of TU Berlin) with approx. 10 years of working experience in Berlin, London, Reykjavik and Hong Kong. Whilst gaining broad expertise in his professional field – especially in spa and hospitality architectural projects - he could never deny a deeper interest in collaborative work across boundaries of any kind. After being involved in a major high-rise scheme in Moscow for three years as coordinator of an international team of consultants, he decided to dedicate his time more to his own cross-disciplinary projects.

Since autumn 2008, as a co-founder of an association on sustainable health and wellness tourism based on geothermal bathing in Iceland – vatnavinir (friends of water) – Jörn has been actively involved in developing projects and providing consultancy in cooperation with architects, philosophers, brand strategists, artists and business experts. Within these projects – apart from sitting in many fabulous hot pots close to the arctic circle - he can nourish his research interests socio-economic innovation, design as a mediation and networking process, spa and wellness architecture and sustainability. Perhaps vatnavinir was a precursor for his discovery of design thinking.

Jörn also works as a photographer and architectural publicist. If he is not up and about to broaden his horizon in other fields, he is cycling, cooking, tentatively learning Icelandic or occasionally spinning disks as a DJ in clubs across Berlin.