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Margarete Pratschke

Margarete Pratschke is an arts historian who is researching images between the priorities of science, technology and art. She has studied history, arts history and communication sciences. Since 2004, she is a research assistant in the department "the technical image" of the Hermann von Helmholtz-Center of Cultural Technology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. The interdisciplinary research group of the department has set the goal to analyse the constructive power of images and the visual strategies in science and technology to create a history of the style of technical imagery.

She is also an editor of the magazine "Bildwelten des Wissens. Kunsthistorisches Jahrbuch für Bildkritik", which examines the role of images within the process of knowledge formation. In her dissertation to images / history of graphical user interfaces, she is trying to find out how art history, design and theory of images have influenced the scientists and engineers in human computer interaction.

Margarete appreciates the work in interdisciplinary teams and as a visual thinker, she uses her free time to visit art galleries, where she collects new inspirations for her research and revels in the beauty of the paintings.