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Nina Fischer

Nina Fischer is a strategic planner and a creative problem solver. According to her school certificate from her first year in elementary school, she already showed interest in dealing with different types of problems and in finding creative solutions for them.

After getting her master's degree in information management at the University of Hildesheim, she started to work for a communication and trend agency in Berlin. For the following four years, she worked as a strategic planner in different advertising agencies. In 2008, Nina began to work for the DDB Group Germany, where she managed several projects for Amir Kassaei and Tonio Kröger. She was mainly in charge of the development of the basis for the innovation agency called Hubble Innovations. Her work covered the development of the positioning, the corporate culture including the process and tools as well as the knowledge management. Therefore, she was able to expand her knowledge regarding innovation management and entrepreneurship.

“My primary motivation to teach at the D-School is to reinterpret and process knowledge and insights in cooperation with the students.

At the D-School, I can make use of my work experience as a planner.”

Design, architecture, fashion and user-based products are a part of her everyday life since she is married to a designer.