Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik

Terry Winograd

Terry Winograd started his academic career in Artificial Intelligence, programming computers to interact with people as though they were other people. After a long and winding path through sometimes abstruse regions of philosophy, he realized that the more fundamental goal is to create computer interactions that support and enhance human experience.
Along the way he authored or co-authored several books that explore the underlying theories and concepts that provide a basis for design.

The common thread through all this work is the point of view that technology needs to be understood and invented from a starting point of how it affects people's life and experience. For the last ten years, Terry has collaborated with David Kelley in teaching a course that has become a prototype for the d.school way of teaching.

For an engineering guy, Terry is surprisingly domestic, having equally and actively co-parented two wonderful daughters and enjoying the mundane pleasures of cooking and even grocery shopping (especially at the local farmers' markets). We hope to nurture the spirit he brought with him as a guest teacher  in the culture we create in the D-School.