Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik

Thomas Lüdecke

Thomas Lüdecke is more of a method communicator and profiler than an independent designer. His process oriented career began with the development of new biomedical instruments before continuing on to study product design and visual communication at the University of Arts Berlin.  Through his work as a lecturer at various universities, he developed a strong interest in combining the fields of art and design and practically applying this approach in teaching. In this context, he organized and taught aesthetical practice for many years at the University of Arts Berlin, always on the lookout for individual approaches.

Parallel to his teaching, Thomas also worked as a freelance system consultant in the fields of system-, network- and server-technologies for Apple Computing. He was recruited by the company because of his ability to communicate the newest technological- and software-developments in an understandable way. Thomas is passionate about conveying individual and process-oriented lateral thinking, working with students and developing projects with a high aesthetical standard.

To gather ideas for student projects and to find new possibilities of implementation, Thomas takes unusual and exciting paths like travelling to foreign countries or simply watching his children play. He also likes to let the wind take him where it may when sailing.