Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik
Projekte am HPI

Projekte am HPI

An den Fachgebieten des HPI findet Forschungsarbeit in unterschiedlichen Projekten statt:

Fachgebiet Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts

Fachgebiet Internet-Technologien und -Systeme

  • Trusted Cloud
    Wissenschaftliche Begleitung und Koordination von 14 nationalen Projekten zum Thema "Trusted Cloud"
  • tele-TASK
    Entwicklung und Einsatz eines mobilen Telelecturing-Systems
  • Tele-Lab IT-Security
    virtuelles Labor für exploratives Lernen im Bereich IT-Security
  • Lock-Keeper (lizensiert von Siemens Schweiz)
    System, das höchste Netzwerksicherheit garantiert und auf dem Prinzip der "physischer Trennung" basiert
  • SOA Security Lab
    der Sieger des 2010 IEEE International Services Cup
  • Tele-Board
    ein ganz neues Werkzeug, zur Unterstützung wirklich kreativer Teamarbeit auch über weite Distanzen hinweg
  • E-Librarian Service
    neuartiges E-Learning-System zum explorativen Lernen mit einer Sprach-Schnittstelle
  • Umgebungssimulator eWorld
    Generierung und Bereitstellung von komplexen Umgebungsdaten für Verkehrssimulatoren zur Erforschung zukünftiger Car-to-Car Kommunikation
  • Tele-Board MED
    Arzt-Patienten-Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe

Fachgebiet Human Computer Interaction

  • Multitoe
    an interactive floor, based on FTIR
  • Lumino
    a system of building blocks that allows microsoft surface to sense building elements arranged in three-dimensional structures
  • Data Miming
    Users retrieve 3D objects from a database by tracing their outlines in 3-space
  • Imaginary Interfaces
    devices that allow users to interact spatially as they normally would with a touch screen--yet without the screen
  • Touch on Curved Surfaces
    Technology is emerging that allow touch-enabling non-planar surfaces
  • Understanding touch 
    In order for a touch device to be highly effective it needs to match users' mental model of touch. But what is that model?
  • Generalized perceived input point model & ridgepad
    We find that the touch location sensed by capacitive touchpads varies across users and finger postures. We build a device based on a fingerprint scanner that exploits this.
  • Nenya
    This input device is a passive magnetic ring. We obtain this tiny device form-factor by offloading all electronics into a bracelet that tracks the ring using a magnetometer.
  • Relaxed Selection Techniques
    allow users to search time series data using a pen stroke that not only specifies the shape of the sought segment, but also specifies tolerances
  • My new PC is a mobile phone
    the computational device for the world is already here - it is mobile phones. 4 billion of them. But to make them useful, we need to create new software that turns phones into stand-alone computers.
  • Nanotouch
    a prototype device that users operate via the device backside. Allows for making very small mobile devices.
  • Disappearing Mobile Devices
    devices so small, that they only allow certain types of gesture interactions: a thought experiment about the ultimate future of mobile miniaturization.
  • Touch Projector
    allows users to manipulate the contents located on distant public displays by touch manipulating its video image on their mobile device.

Fachgebiet Informationssysteme

  • Aladin: Almost Automatic Data Integration for the Life Sciences
    A data profiling and data cleansing project
  • Bulk Annotations with Viqtor and MyDBLP
  • DuDe
    The Duplicate Detection Toolkit
  • MAC
    Merging Autonomous Content
    A DFG-funded project for deduplication and data cleansing
    With completed sub-projects Deduplication, HumMer, and FuSem
  • METL
    Managing and Integrating ETL Processes
  • Service Integration
    With sub-projects Depot, PoSR, and DAQS
  • Similarity Search
    Effective and efficient algorithms for searching similar objects
  • Stratosphere
    DBMS with data cleansing operations on a cloud
  • System P
    A full-fledged Peer Data Managment System with advanced query optimization

Fachgebiet Systemanalyse und Modellierung