Workshop on Context-oriented Programming (COP) 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011
Co-located with ECOOP 2011, Lancaster UK


9:00 Welcome
9:15 Tomoyuki Aotani, Tetsuo Kamina, and Hidehiko Masuhara
Featherweight EventCJ: a Core Calculus for a Context-Oriented Language with Event-Based Per-Instance Layer Transition
9:45 Nicolás Cardozo Álvarez, Sebastián González, Kim Mens, and Theo D'Hondt
Safer Context (de)Activation Through the Prompt-Loyal Strategy
10:15 Discussion
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Tobias Rho, Malte Appeltauer, Stephan Lerche, Robert Hirschfeld, and Armin B. Cremers
A Context Management Infrastructure with Language Integration Support
11:30 Christopher Schuster, Malte Appeltauer, and Robert Hirschfeld
Context-oriented Programming for Mobile Devices: JCop on Android
12:00 Jens Lincke, Robert Krahn, and Robert Hirschfeld
Implementing Scoped Method Tracing with ContextJS
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Guido Salvaneschi, Carlo Ghezzi, and Matteo Pradella
JavaCtx: Seamless Toolchain Integration for Context-Oriented Programming
14:30 Shizuka Uchio, Naoyasu Ubayashi, and Yasutaka Kamei
CJAdviser: SMT-based Debugging Support for ContextJ*
15:00 Discussion and Final Remarks

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