Title = {An Introduction to Seaside},
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	Publisher = {Software Architecture Group (Hasso-Plattner-Institut)},
	Year = {2008},
	Abstract = {Seaside is a Web development framework implemented in
	Smalltalk. It allows the easy creation of powerful Web applications 
	using high level abstractions on the application components and on 
	the underlying hypertext transfer protocol. In doing so, it builds 
	upon the strengths of the Smalltalk object-oriented programming language 
	and transcends many of the common practices needed in other, less dynamic 
	languages. This book explains the major concepts of Seaside in a clear 
	and intuitive style. A working example of a ToDo List application is 
	developed to illustrate the framework''s important concepts that build 
	upon each other in an orderly progression. Besides the notions of users, 
	tasks, components, forms and deployment, additional topics such as 
	persistence, Ajax and Magritte are also discussed.},
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