Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik


Milesstones in the HPI's History


  • Excellent Bachelor graduates in computer science can apply for a new Master's program which is designed to lead up to a Ph.D. degree
  • At CeBIT Prof. Hasso Plattner and his HPI deputy chair, Dr. Alexander Zeier launched their new book: It discusses the In-memory Technology which is a result of the combined high-tech research of HPI and SAP


  • November: German Federal President Christian Wulff stops over at the HPI on his inaugural visit to the city of Potsdam
  • July: opening of the new main building
  • First business plan contest exclusively for HPI students
  • June: opening of the HPI‘s top-level research lab, "Future SOC Lab"
  • April: launch of the second branch of the HPI Research School at Technion in Haifa (Israel)
  • The HPI School of Design Thinking triples its student capacity to 120 students per term in 2010
  • HPI ranks first in the CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) list of computer science programs


  • 10-year anniversary celebration with two scientific conferences
  • As of the HPI’s 10-year anniversary, the institute lists 460 Bachelor and 190 Master degrees, 26 PhDs and one PostDoc
  • April: launch of the first international branch of the HPI Research School  at University of Cape Town in South Africa
  • amongst three other universities the HPI is #1 at the CHE-Ranking
  • In February Prof. Hasso Plattner places the foundation stone for the new HPI extension building


  • November: launch of a cooperation with Stanford University in the field of innovation research
  • Creation of two new research groups: System Analysis and Modeling, and Human-Computer Interaction
  • HPI is being awarded "Selected Location" the third time by the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas".


  • Start of HPI School of Design Thinking
  • 300th Bachelor's and 100th Master's degree
  • for the second time HPI is "selected location" in the innovation campaign "Germany - Land of Ideas"


  • December: the federal government’s first National IT Summit is held at HPI
  • Creation of two new research groups: Software Architectures, and Information Systems
  • HPI lists 200 Bachelor and 50 Master degrees
  • HPI is "selected location" of the innovation campaign "Germany - land of ideas"
  • #4 at the CHE-Ranking


  • October: founding of the HPI Research School
  • July: founding of the venture capital fund Hasso Plattner Ventures in close vicinity of HPI
  • In May, the first Master's degrees are awarded.


  • Institute founder Hasso Plattner appoints Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel as the new Scientific Director and announces plans for a large-scale extension of the Institute in Potsdam and Palo Alto as well as cooperation with Stanford University.


  • In April, the first Bachelor's degree is awarded
  • in the summer semester, the first Master's program commences.


  • In October, the Institute's new premises are officially opened.


  • In July, the foundation stone for the Institute´s own premises is laid.


  • In October, the Institute commences its academic work in rented premises
  • The Hasso Plattner Foundation is set up in December.


  • In October, Hasso Plattner founds the "Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering" as a business company
  • Prof. Dr. Siegfried Wendt is appointed Scientific Director.