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Student Societies

Student Societies

In the 2006/07 winter term, the HPI introduced an initiative that provides students with an opportunity to actively participate in shaping life at the institute: HPI's Student Societies. They enable students to grow with their projects while the HPI grows with the various societies' activities.

Some societies are prethemed, but students are invited to come up with their own ideas and start new initiatives anytime.

The following societies are currently active:


This society maintains the HPI's alumni internet portal, administers alumni contacts, provides HPI alumni with news and information on the institute, organizes alumni meetings, and is the point of contact for all HPI alumni.
Visit the Alumni Society's Weblog

Festivities and Events

This society supports the PR department in planning, designing and holding all HPI events, for example tournaments in Poker, Skat and Go. We are also arrange Public Viewing events, the HPI summer celebration and the annual Kart-Challenge and a lot more.

If you are interessted in supporting events and to meet lots of people, you are welcome.


The film society spends time on the conception, realization and wrap-up of own film projects. The society members in a project run through the several states of a film production - from the script to the storyboard and at least to the actual production and cutting.

Anyone who ever wanted to stand in front or behind a camera is welcomed to join us.

More information and news you receive on our Blog.


This society is involved in various activities, such as documenting HPI events. It also offers its members the opportunity to learn more about photography and realize their own ideas within the framework of workshops on photography and related topics and techniques, such as light painting, for example.

HPI Band

We' re the sonorous part of the HPI. We assemble the HPI Jazz band, also "Silent Scream" and new projects like an "a cappella" choir. On HPI events such as the grand summer party and the graduation party we perform.

If you enjoy in playing an instrument and in singing, join our society.

HPI Magazine

This society publishes the so-called HPImgzn biannually. The magazine presents current research projects, portrays members of the staff, and reports on past events and student life in general.

Mobile Developer

The Mobile Developer club deals with programming of native Apps for Apple iOS and Android – and everything related. The club not only focuses on the creation of an own HPI-App which represents the institute to the public but also on the design and execution of workshops on this topic, for example on user interfaces, interaction with web services and the application of geo-locations).  


If you are also interested in hardware, join the IT Society. Current projects are a robotik-project with parts of Festos Robotinos and we are also develop a quadrokopter. Come and join us, work with us on current or start your own projects.

Get more information in our blog.


Essen und Trinken halten Leib und Seele zusammen. Der Klub "Kulinarisches" widmet sich den Gaumenfreuden des (gemeinen) genussorientierten HPI-Studenten. Unsere kulinarische Reise wird uns durch die verschiedenen Küchen der Welt führen. Um den kleinen Gourmet, der in uns allen steckt, hervorzuzaubern, organisieren wir neben Kochevents auch Knigge-Workshops und beschäftigen uns mit Ess- und Tischkulturen.

Visual Arts

The Arts Society provides opportunities to practice various artistic techniques and is open to both HPI students and staff. There is a contingent of working materials, and workshops or projects are offered throughout the year.

PR and (International) Contacts

The PR-society supports the PR-department in all kinds of press- and public- affairs, also supports international students while to study at the HPI and we're also design and sell HPI merchandising.

High School-Related Activities

This society organizes HPI tours and projects for high school students, accompanies summer camps, supervises internships, takes care of marketing and recruiting activities, represents the HPI at exhibitions all over Germany, administers the HPI's contacts with German MINT schools, designs and holds projects with MINT schools, and supports the National IT Competition in all matters concerning the HPI (intermediate and final rounds, etc.).

You also find us on Facebook.

Sports Society

The Sports Society was spun off the Society Festivities and Events in the 2011 summer term and upholds close ties with this society. The society administers the HPI's sports facilities and organizes tournaments in soccer, volleyball and other sports.

Looking for a date on tennis-court and basketball field? Here is the calendar.


Der Tanz-Klub lässt Studierende das Tanzbein schwingen und vermittelt Kenntnisse in den klassischen, sowie lateinamerikanischen Tänzen. Dem Klub steht eine Profitänzerin zur Seite, die regelmäßige Tanzstunden für Einsteiger bis Profis interessant gestaltet.


The Website Society maintains and updates the HPI students internet portal with a forum, a guest book and many other features, for example:

More information under https://student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de.

Participation and Awards

From the end of their first term, participation in a society of their choice is compulsory for all Bachelor’s students. The time needed for society activities depends on the division of tasks and on individual commitment within each group. It is possible to move from one society to another.

Apart from the fact that project management experience is an indispensable soft skill, students benefit from society participation in multiple ways:

  • If desired, students receive a certificate along with their diploma. This certificate documents extracurricular activities and can be an important advantage when applying for a job.

  • The most successful student societies are awarded a prize each year.

    • 2013: High School Society (1st), PR Society (2nd), Newspaper and HPI Connect Societies (3rd)
    • 2012: High School, Events Society, Photo Society, HPI Band and iDeveloper Society
    • 2011: Visual Art Society, Film Society, Photo Society as well as the Alumni Society
    • 2010: Events Society, IT Society, the Debating Society and the HPI Magazine
    • 2009: High School Society, the HPI Band, Events, Alumni and Public Relations Societies
    • 2008: High School, Alumni, and HPI Connect Societies
    • 2007: High School and Newspaper Societies

Contact person for Student Societies

Claudia Koch
Teaching and Research

Dr. Timm Krohn
Management Teaching and Research
Head of Administration, Staff & Law