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Research School Meeting

Research School Meeting


10th of November 2010, 15:15


Hoersaal 2


Christian Krause


"On channel-based coordination with Reo and in-place model transformation with Henshin"


Todays software development methods are largely influenced by the two paradigms of service-oriented computing (SOC) and model-driven engineering (MDE). In the first part of this talk, I will present an approach to SOC using the channel-based coordination language Reo. Specifically, I will show how to do formal analysis of Reo connectors by encoding them into the mCRL2 specification language and applying model checking. Then I will show how to use graph transformation for modeling and verification of dynamic reconfigurations in Reo. For this purpose, I will use the AGG tool and Henshin. The latter is a new in-place model transformation language developed in the context of the Eclipse Modeling project. The focus will be on Henshin's state space tools which provide means for qualitative as well as probabilistic analysis based on model checking.

Besides the verification of dynamic reconfigurations, I will also consider standard MDE applications of Henshin, such as refactorings and meta-model evolution.


Christian Krause received his Diploma in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin in 2006. His Diploma thesis was on model transformation in Eclipse and was supervised by Prof. Gabriele Taentzer. Since 2007, Christian has been working in the group of Prof. Farhad Arbab at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam. The topic of his PhD studies are channel-based coordination models with emphasis on formal verification of static and reconfigurable component connectors. Moreover, he is the current project leader of the Eclipse project 'Henshin'.