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Research School Meeting

Research School Meeting


23th of February 2011, 15:15




Matthieu-Patrick Schapranow


Real-time Security Extensions for RFID-aided Supply Chains


The progressive use of RFID technology in more and more consumer packaged goods industries introduces challenges for privacy. Most RFID tags contain no sophisticated data protection mechanisms, because they are primarily designed for cheap production while carrying only a very small set of data, a 96-byte Electronic Product Code (EPC). The idea of anti-counterfeiting in RFID-aided supply chains builds on the retrieval and analysis of distributed EPC event data. However, EPC data on RFID tags can be manipulated and combining event data with third-party information can lead to exposure of business secrets or product and user profiles.

Motivated by increasing counterfeit rates in the pharmaceutical industry, I present security extensions that guarantee information security in EPCglobal networks for business-level applications. My works aims to establish EPC event data as reliable basis for observing product flows and for detecting counterfeits by systematically analyzing the movements of goods.