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Research School

Research School

In October 2005, the HPI started its Research School on "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering", a postgraduate school based on the model of the DFG (German Science Foundation) "Graduiertenkolleg".

HPI Research School: International Ph.D. and Post-Doc Studies

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The Supervisors of the Research School

The Professors of the HPI with their research groups are supporting pillars for our PhD school. With its interdisciplinary structure, the research college on "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" interconnects the HPI research groups and fosters close and fruitful collaborations.

In context of the research college, the different groups at HPI work on the following topics:

Design and implementation of service-oriented architectures impose numerous research questions from the fields of software engineering, system analysis and modeling, adaptability, and application integration.

Service-Oriented Systems Engineering represents a symbiosis of best practices in object orientation, component-based development, distributed computing, and business process management. It provides integration of business and IT concerns.

"Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" denotes a current research topic in the field of IT-systems engineering with high potential in academic research as well as in industrial application. Supported by an internationally renowned grant, PhD students at our college participate in joint activities such as lectures, seminars, winter schools and workshops.

International Branches

International cooperations enable the HPI to extend its research scope and to provide its international partners with an opportunity for close exchange and with access to the HPI's international research contacts. Junior researchers work at their home universities, but receive their scholarships from the HPI in Germany. While being mentored jointly by their home university professors, they will be integrated into the Potsdam HPI Research School's research activities and participate in joint conferences and symposia.

  • Haifa, Israel
    Since April 2010 there is a HPI Research School at Haifa in cooperation with Technion - Israel Institute of Technology too. The Ph.D. students are working at the "HPI Research School at Technion, Haifa" within the HPI Research School team.
  • Cape Town, South Africa
    In April 2009, the HPI Research School launched a "branch" in South Africa. The "HPI Research School at University of Cape Town" is mainly researching information and communication technologies that are relevant for developing and emerging countries.

Free Language Training

In research just as in daily life the right language skills are essential. Therefore, HPI offers its doctoral candidates the special service of free training in English or German at the Potsdam site. The aim of the offer is to improve the participant’s fluency and use of the target language.

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Speaker of the Research School on "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" is:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze
    Operating Systems and Middleware Group
    Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH
    Postfach 900460
    D-14440 Potsdam

    E-Mail: andreas.polze(at)hpi.uni-potsdam.de

Coordinator of the Research School on "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" is: