Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik
Soft Skills Colloquium

"As an HPI graduate you are at an advantage, being able to meet all challenges of business life due to the combination of practical training and deep technological understanding. Let alone the institute's reputation which opens a lot of doors." Lars Schmidt-Bielicke, HPI graduate

Soft Skills Colloquium

The Soft Skills Colloquium is open to all HPI students from both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.


In the Bachelor program participation in the Soft Skills Colloquium is part of the PEM module. Students must attend 16 colloquia overall which they can choose according to interest.

Attendance will be taken.

Generally, the colloquium takes place every other week during the winter and summer terms.

Winter Term 2013/14

The following lectures will be given this summer term at 5 pm every other Monday in Auditorium 1:

  • 04.11.2013
    Leadership im 21. Jahrhundert – Wie kann ich tatsächlich etwas bewirken?
    Florian Hoffmann