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Bachelor‘s Projects: Innovative IT solutions for concrete problems from industry and society

The objective of the Bachelor’s program IT-Systems Engineering is to prepare graduates to understand, analyze, plan, and construct large and complex IT systems. Students learn not only to creatively develop system components on an individual basis, but to manage the necessary multi-layered development processes.

In order to prepare graduates for their professional practice, the Bachelor’s program concludes with projects that give students the opportunity to test, enhance, and reflect their own skills in the field of IT-Systems Engineering. The projects are carried out by student teams developing a real IT system over the course of several months, tutored by professors and research assistants.

The four to eight members of a group assume different roles in this process. The project work is practice-oriented, enabling students not only to act creatively as developers but also to gain first-hand experience coordinating the efforts of numerous participants. Generally speaking, these projects are not of a purely academic nature but are integrated in real projects being conducted by software companies or other institutions in the business, science, or public sectors.

During the term preceding their project, participants can attend a preparatory seminar to acquire the specialized knowledge needed to successfully participate in the project.

Topics of current and completed Bachelor’s Projects

Master's projects

Students having completed the master degree programme have excellent knowledge of the division of labour based process of development, distribution and utilization of IT-systems. Our graduates are therefore prepared to grow into leading positions such as IT-systems architects or project managers where they assume responsibility for tasks such as analysis, conception, modelling, realisation and advancement of complex IT-systems.

The master programme course is concluded by submitting a master thesis. This “masterpiece” is to be made within six months. This demands each candidates' intense concentration on the task, timewise as well as regards content. With the master thesis he proves his ability to, independently solve a problem on the field of IT-Systems Engineering within a time limit by using scientific methods and to present the results properly. The work, i.e its topic, is handed out, supervised and reviewed by one of HPIs' professors. At the close, the master student will be invested as Master of Science (M.Sc.). Reason to its scientific focusing the master degree also provides a basis for a doctoral thesis in the field of Computer Sciences or IT-Systems Engineering.

The following gives a review of the topics of HPI master theses