Project: Benchmarking and Tenant Placement for Efficient Cloud Operations

Team: Dr. Ralph Kühne,Tim Januschowski, Dr. Felix Salfner

Research institution: SAP Innovation Center Potsdam

Abstract: This project focuses on efficiency and reliability of cloud services provided by server machines in virtualized, multi-tentant environments. By preemptively migrating tenants in this environment, we aim to achieve load balancing and a consistent service quality of the provided cloud services. The migration manager responsible for this process acts as follows: First, a forecasting method estimates the load that tenants are likely to produce. This forecast could be based on load profiles of customers as well as business information such as a factory calendar. Based on this forecast, a multi-criteria optimization takes place. Examples for objectives in the optimization could be cost of the migration process and possible re-migration, benefit of load balancing and expected quality of service.

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