Project: SCM Memory for Scale-In HANA


Fujitsu: Dr. Jürgen Schrage, Dieter Kasper, Karsten Beins, Konrad Büker, Ahmadshah Waizy, Monica Riediger

SAP ICP: Dr. Felix Salfner, Dr. Joos-Hendrik Böse, Bernhard Höppner, Henning Schmitz

Research institution: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, SAP Innovation Center Potsdam

Abstract: Storage Class Memory (SCM) is an emerging new class of storage that will enter the market in two to three years. It combines word access to non-volatile RAM in a single CPU instruction with significantly lower prices than DRAM. SCM access speed will be in the order of 100ns. In a collaborative project Fujitsu Technologies and SAP Innovation Center are investigating new software architectures and designs for in-memory databases, which are best suited to leverage the capabilities of SCM.

The project will create an emulation of SCM to facilitate hardware-based experiments. As the opinions about the eventual latency and throughput of SCM differ, the characteristics of the emulator can be configured. In a first step the emulated SCM will be used to persist the transactional database logging.

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