Project: Impact of Innovative Database Technologies on Service Based Process Chains in the Networked Healthcare Sector


  • Tiziana Margaria, Christoph Rasche, Frank Mayer (Universität Potsdam)
  • Barry D. Floyd (California Polytechnic State University)
  • Jürgen Müller, Jens Krüger (Hasso Plattner Institut)

Research institution: Uni Potsdam

Abstract: In previous research we addressed the technical capabilities offered by concurrency and multi-core programming in Enterprise Systems and we experimentally evaluated the early stages of Cloud Computing from a user point of view as a step towards virtualization of (massively) parallel systems for the application developer.
In this research we intend to develop an interdisciplinary and international cooperation which addressees the impact of innovative, more scalable and easier to manage database technologies, such as in-memory databases (as offered by the FutureSOC Lab) and new service delivery platforms that build upon the specific real-time or near real-time and in-memory capabilities offered by HANA on the creation and management of overarching servicebased process chains in the medical domain that potentially span heterogeneous clouds.

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