Project: Landscape Virtualization Management - How to Configure, Deploy, Monitor and Manage On-Demand Systems Efficiently in Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

Team: Rami Akkad, Dr. Felix Salfner, André Pansani

Research institution: SAP Innovation Center Potsdam

Abstract: On-Demand services can only be provided in a profitable way if they are operated at minimum cost. Therefore, automated monitoring and task management are indispensable. Today, On-Demand providers use custommade monitoring and management solutions. It is the goal of this project to assess and evaluate monitoring and maintenance tools (both open source as well as commercial offerings) at the FutureSOC Lab. We plan to provide a classification of functionality (e.g. mass operations, reporting, monitoring, provisioning of services) supported by practical experiences from managing FutureSOC Lab resources with up to 16 SAP HANA instances, the 1000 core cluster, storage solutions, etc.

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