Project: Integration of VEE functionality in an AMI landscape with SAP HANA

Team: Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx Gómez (Uni Oldenburg), Okko Nannen (CX4U AG)

Research institution: Department für Informatik, Universität Oldenburg

Abstract: The main idea of the project is in the view of the progressing expansion of smart meters and smart grids in the market (costumer side) resulting into changes on the one hand, the demands on the IT systems of companies in the energy sector and on the other, this opens up new possibilities (business scenarios) for the present data in real time. The market is changing by legislation due to that till 2020 smart meters will be installed on costumer side measuring data. By connecting households to smart meters, the massive data volumes increase, since there is not as yet, an annual values can be read, but there is a possibility to measure every 15 minutes (or at even shorter intervals) consumption data. With the available data, for example, analysis and forecasting processes and provides the quality of results can be increased. In order to ensure a defined integrity, the data and load profiles examined, possibly missing values newly formed or existing values are processed. This functionality is also called VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing).

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