Project: Using SAP ERP and SAP BW on SAP Hana: A mixed workload case study

Team: Dr. Stephan Gradl, Prof Dr. Helmut Krcmar, Dr. Holger Wittges, Galina Koleva

Research institution: Technische Universität München

Abstract: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems form the backbone for the execution, controlling and management of business processes in today’s companies and are therefore vital for companies’ business processes. In order to prevent the performance of OLTP-queries in those systems from being throttled by complex and time consuming OLAP processes, those applications have been separated into different kinds of systems like SAP ERP and SAP BW system. The new in-memory database SAP HANA promises the possibility of using both types of applications on the same database. The main purpose of our research project is to evaluate the mixed workload on SAP HANA based on existing SAP ERP and BW case studies.

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