Project: Service-Based 3D Rendering and Interactive 3D Visualization

Team: Prof. Dr. Döllner, Jan Klimke

Research institution: Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam

Abstract: During the last project phase, the Computer Graphics Systems group at the HPI did continue its research and development on fundamental concepts and techniques in the area of service-based 3D rendering and service‐based, interactive 3D visualization. The techniques developed so far rely on and take advantage of multi‐core/multi‐threading processing capabilities, the availability of large memory, and GPGPU systems as provided by the HPI Future SOC Lab. By exploiting these capabilities aim to accelerate processing, management and visualization of massive amounts of 3D geodata in a way that new applications in the area of 3D geovisualization become feasible.

Link to the previous project: public/20121002

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