Project: In-Memory Computing im Smart Metering-Umfeld

Team: Dr. Andrej Werner, Robert Wehlitz

Research institution: Research Group Smart Energy IT Systems (SEITS), Information Systems Institute, Leipzig University (

Abstract: The European Union's Third Energy Package prescribes that at least 80 % of the European consumers shall be equipped with intelligent metering devices by 2020. As a result of this claim, the number of installed smart meters will also increase as the amount of transmitted data in the upcoming years. This particularly refers to the transmission of energy consumption values, which are typically captured by smart meters every 15 minutes. Therefore, the actors within the energy value chain must be able to handle such large amounts of data by use of advanced ICT.

In this project, we want to discover new ways to store, process and visualise smart meter data for the energy industry. For this purpose, we want to develop a web application on top of SAP HANA which can be understood as a web mapping service that initially should support up to 3 use cases:

  1. The visualisation of energy consumption data which will be assigned to streets, buildings and households
  2. The visualisation of smart meters which are susceptible to technical disruptions to identify weak points and accelerate fault-clearing actions
  3. The visualisation of consumption over time

In the course of this project, SAP HANA will serve to store and process millions of data records which are transmitted by more than 1.000 smart meters.

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