Project: Analysis of Cloudlet-based Mobile Offloading Systems

Team: Prof. Dr. Katinka Wolter, Huaming Wu, Qiushi Wang

Research institution: FU Berlin

Abstract: Mobile cloud offloading is an effective method that offload programs from mobile devices to cloud server, which has the potential to save energy and improve performance of the mobile systems, but it critically depends on network bandwidth and cloud conditions. To overcome these problems, we assume that the mobile device does not need to communicate with the distant cloud during the entire offload process; it actually only needs to communicate with its nearby cloudlet, which acts as an intermediate node between a mobile device and the distant cloud service. Such a cloudlet-based offloading system is modeled and further, its performance is analysed based on state transition process with failures. Based on this, we want to do some real experiments to investigate the performance of the cloudlet-based offloading system when comparing with the direct offloading systems.

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