Project: Prototype of an In-Memory Business Intelligence Solution for the Support of Forecasting of Energy Load Demand

Team: Prof. Dr. Witold Abramowicz, Dr. Tomasz Rudny, Dr. Monika Kaczmarek

Research institution: Poznan University of Economics

Abstract: The proposed project, being a continuation of the two projects Quasi Real- Time Individual Customer Based Forecasting of Energy Load Demand Using In Memory Computing and Forecasting of Energy Load Demand and Energy Production from Renewable Sources using In-Memory Computing run previously under HPI Future SOC Lab, aims at combining the already prepared building blocks together to form a working prototype of Business Intelligence solution that would support business users in decision making process. High performance computing of forecasting models in the energy sector is possible with SAP HANA, as it has been shown in the previous projects, but working with code and queries is too technical for any practical use in business. Therefore, we would like to build an environment that would wrap algorithms and programs written by our team to provide easy to use and flexible tool. We also want to evaluate SAP HANA reporting capabilities.

Link to the previous project: public/20131013

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