Project: An emulation-based evaluation of methods for incremental deployment of Software Defined Networking into existing enterprise networks

Team: Prof. Dr. Marco Canini, Dan Levin

Research institution: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium & TU Berlin

Abstract: The systems and operational challenges posed in enterprise networks, present an appealing opportunity for the software-defined orchestration of the network (SDN). SDN has been demonstrated both in academic settings and industrial deployments to enable powerful programming-language-like abstractions to be applied to network operations and management. This, in turn, enables innovations such as formal verification of network packet-forwarding behavior, automated debugging and troubleshooting approaches, and improved resource utilization through systematic application of QoS and traffic scheduling. We plan to use the computing resources to run our emulator to perform a range of experiments. Based on our current emulation methodology, our specific computing requirements are quite straightforward: a single node with as many cores as possible. Given the nature of the experiments we conduct through emulation, performance is measured based on system clock.

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