Project: Smart Data Analysis for the Support of Rational Decision Making in the Energy Sector

Team: Witold Abramowicz, Wioletta Sokołowska, Tymoteusz Hossa, Jakub Opałka, Agata Filipowska

Research institution: Department of Information Systems, Poznan University of Economics

Abstract: The project is a continuation of three previous projects embedded in the context of forecasting of energy load demand and energy production from renewable sources (RES). The project is dedicated for an energy sector analyst who wants to estimate the forecast of energy demand and energy generation for an artificially defined area.

As a result of the work a prototype of an in-memory Business Intelligence solution using SAP HANA and Crystal Reports (extended version of the prototype from previous projects) will be created. This solution is a tool that allows for preparing a pre-defined set of forecasting models and reports, which, unlike to other commercial solutions, will give the user the possibility of choosing sophisticated models with large amount of variables. Our intention is to provide an energy analyst with a tool that can be used without prior programing knowledge, to calculate and compare in a dynamic manner, various energy forecasts.

The project is focused on the analysis of structured data such as energy consumption and energy generation from RES but also metrological data, which are strongly correlated with energy data. We are extending the scope of this analysis by developing more sophisticated methods using PAL and R. Additionally, in contrast to the previously held projects we will enrich the solution with an analysis of unstructured data (as an example - unstructured data available on Internet portals or forums that may contain opinions from the current and future clients on the energy providers’ offers and products).

Link to the previous project: public/20132027

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