Project: Implications of Non-Volatile-Memory Hardware Characteristics for In-Memory Databases

Team: David Schwalb (HPI), Martin Faust (HPI), Frank Ridderbusch (Fujitsu), Christopher Kaufmann (Fujitsu)

Research institution: Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam & Fujitsu, Paderborn

Abstract: Storage Class Memory (SCM) introduces a new storage technology, which combines word granular access by single CPU instructions with the advantage of being non-volatile and offering a high storage density. It is well-suited to increase the memory capabilities of individual servers efficiently to deal with increasing memory demands of applications and can also be used to store data permanently. This project will investigate the use of SCM as primary persistence for columnar in-memory databases using multi-version concurrency control and the implications of hardware characteristics of future SCM onto the system architecture.

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