Project: Security Monitoring and Analytics of HPI FutureSoC Lab

Team: Prof.Dr. Christoph Meinel, Dr. Feng Cheng, David Jaeger, Amir Azodi, Hendrik Graupner, Kennedy Torkura, Carl Ambroselli(HPI), Frank Kilian, Nico Groh, Mohammed Unewisse, Andre Pansani (SAP SE)

Research institution: Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam

Abstract: Within this project, we'd like to deploy and test HPI REAMS (Real-time Event Analytics and Monitoring System) and SAP HDCI (HANA Data Center Intelligence) at HPI FutureSoC Lab in terms of monitoring the running state as well as analyzing the large amount of data generated by machines at the FutureSoC Lab.

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