11th International Conference on Graph Transformation

Toulouse Capitole Night Wikimedia Commons The 11th International Conference on Graph Transformation (ICGT 2018) will be held in Toulouse (France) in June 2018. The conference is affiliated with STAF (Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations) and it takes place under the auspices of EATCS, EASST, and IFIP WG 1.3. Proceedings will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Dynamic structures are a major cause for complexity when it comes to model and reason about systems. They occur in software architectures, models, pointer structures, databases, networks, etc. As collections of interrelated elements, which may be added, removed, or change state, they form a fundamental modelling paradigm as well as a means to formalise and analyse systems. Applications include architectural reconfigurations, model transformations, refactoring, and evolution of a wide range of artefacts, where change can happen either at design or run time.

Based on the observation that these structures can be represented as graphs and their modifications as graph transformations, theory and applications of graphs, graph grammars and graph transformation systems have been studied in our community for more than 40 years. The conference aims at fostering interaction within this community as well as attracting researchers from other areas, either in contributing to the theory of graph transformation or by applying graph transformation to established or novel areas.

Call for Papers

The call for papers is available as text here and as PDF here.

Call for Presentations

As an innovation of this year's conference there will be a special track with presentations of already published work related to graph transformation at venues different from ICGT. The goal of this special presentation track is to gather and foster scientific exchange around a collection of inspiring and recent papers on theory and/or applications of graph transformation being published elsewhere. The call for presentations is available as text here.

Invited Speaker

We are pleased to announce Olivier Rey (CEO of GraphApps) as invited speaker on the topic of "Introduction to Graph-Oriented Programming".


In case of questions, please contact the PC chairs at icgt2018@easychair.org.