MDELab Workflow

MDELab Workflow allows modeling and executing workflows in Eclipse similar to the Modeling Workflow Engine ( The major difference is that MDELab Workflows are EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) models themselves. Therefore, they can be created and processed with any EMF-compatible tool.

Workflow components can be plugged together in a workflow to automatically perform processes consisting of commonly used execution steps, e.g. reading and writing models, transformation models, generating code. MDELab Workflows already provides several components to also integrate third party tools, e.g., ATL, QVT-Operational, Xpand in workflows.

For example, MoTE uses workflows to generate operational model transformation rules from Triple Graph Grammar rules.

MDELab Workflow can be downloaded from our Eclipse update site:

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MDELab Workflow provides workflow components to integrate several other tools in workflows, e.g.,

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  • Workflows are employed in many different scenarios where complex workflows have to be automated, that consist of commonly used execution steps.

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