Model Management: MOM-VCS

MoM-VCS is an extension for the MoM-Core and extends it with versioning functionalities. Therefore, MoM-VCS provides standard version control operations, which work in a transitive manner with respect to applied model operations and links between software development artifacts. Thus, also relations, which are created manually or automatically in case of executing model operations, are under version control. Due to the MoM-Core as basis for MoM-VCS, MoM-VCS offers the same granularity level for the versioning than the MoM-Core.

Project Team:

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  • MoM-Core Version Control (Framework-Extension)
  • MoM-VCS Eclipse-Client (Framework and GUI)
  • MoM-VCS Server (Framework)
  • Please contact Thomas Beyhl for source code download

Used Software:

Used external Software:

Tool usage scenarios:

  • Use MoM-VCS as version control extension for the MoM-Core and create versions of states captured by the MoM-Core. Each version includes artifacts and relations.

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