MoTE – TGG-based Model Transformation Engine

Triple Graph Grammars are a formalism to specify bidirectional model transformations. The same model transformation specification can be used to perform forward transformations from an instance of the source metamodel to an instance of the target metamodel, and backward transformations in the opposite direction.

MoTE allows to model Triple Graph Grammars and perform model transformations and synchronizations on models based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework. While model transformation always creates a new target model, a model synchronization propagates only changes from the source to the target model. MoTE has already been used in several case studies for model transformation and synchronization and is characterized by a comparably high performance.

MoTE can be downloaded from our Eclipse update site:

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Used Tools:

Tool usage scenarios:

  • Triple Graph Grammars can be used to specify bidirection model transformations.
  • MoTE can perform model transformation and model synchronization, i.e., propagate only changes from a source to a target model.

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