Software Manufacture Models

Software Manufacture Models (SWMaMos) are special process models, where the characterization of MDE activities captures how artifact relations change. We introduced SWMaMos as an integration of development processes and model management to enable an analysis how MDE enforces an order of development activities (i.e. restricts the way processes can look like).

Currently, we introduce SWMaMo proto pattern associated to changeability concerns, to enable an analysis of changeability support, since changeability is one of the most crucial producivity factors for agile processes and incremental development in general.

Project Team:

Former Team Members:

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  • SWMaMo Editor, please contact Regina Hebig
  • SWMaMo Refinement Check - Analysis Tool, please contact Regina Hebig
  • SWMaMo Pattern Matcher - Analysis Tool, please contact Regina Hebig

Supported Languages:

  • Software Manufacture Models (SWMaMos)


  • SWMaMo-2-Graph Converter (transforms a Software Manufacture Model into the old graph format used by the partial graph matcher)

Used Software:

Used external Software:

  • Eclipse (
  • Leo II (

Software usage scenarios:

  • LEO II is accessed via THF language to evaluate link refinement in SWMaMo Refinement Check & Pattern Matcher
  • Partial Graph Matcher is used for structural matching in SWMaMo Refinement Check & Pattern Matcher (access is performed using the old graph format - not yet SamiGra)
  • TGGs are used for the translation of SWMaMo activities to graphs that are used in the partial graph matcher (TGGs are processed by TGG Engine)

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