Game: self-adaptation applied to authorisation infrastructures

Chris Bailey and Rogério de Lemos from the University of Kent (UK) would be very grateful if you could get involved with the following game either by playing it, or disseminating it:

Basically, they need data, and the more data they get the better.

This is an academic project in which they are studying the effectiveness of self-adaptation in authorisation systems, more precisely, they are looking into insider threats. This game has been deployed for a while, and they see this game as a way of emulating insider threats. It has gone through several pilot studies, and now they feel it is time to release it to a wider audience.

The goal is to collect data related to how attacks are perpetrated, how these can be detected, and how the controller reacts to the perceived attacks.

Please, try to beat the computer, and be the top player - Chris and Rogério truly appreciate your “dishonesty”.

Good luck!

ps. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please contact Chris and  Rogério at: saaf (dot) experiment (at) gmail (dot) com