Tele Assistance System (TAS) Artifact is online

The second of the three artifacts that have been accepted at SEAMS'15 is online and enriching the Exemplars section of this website:

Tele Assistance System (TAS)
by Danny Weyns and Radu Calinescu, supported by M. Usman Iftikhar and Yifan Ruan.

"TAS is an exemplar of a service-based system (SBS). SBSs are widely used in e-commerce, online banking, e-health and many other applications. In these systems, services offered by third-party providers are dynamically composed into workflows delivering complex functionality. SBSs increasingly rely on self-adaptation to cope with the uncertainties associated with third-party services, as the loose coupling of services makes online reconfiguration feasible."

Further information about this artifact can be found in the corresponding SEAMS'15 paper:
D. Weyns and R. Calinescu: "Tele Assistance: A Self-Adaptive Service-Based System Examplar", in Proc. of SEAMS'15, 2015, IEEE. (Preprint)