Hogna Artifact is online

The last of the three artifacts that have been accepted at SEAMS'15 is online and enriching the Exemplars section of this website:

Hogna: A Platform for Self-Adaptive Applications in Cloud Environments
by Cornel BarnaHamoun GhanbariMarin Litoiu, and Mark Shtern.

"Deploying and managing autonomic applications in cloud is a time consuming operation, that require many components to work together. The management will need to extract metrics from the deployed system, analyze them and the make a decision for changes that need to be implemented. Usually, a researcher's work is focused in only one component (investigating different strategies for adaptation, evaluating the impact of various metrics, etc.), while the rest must just work, without the researcher having to spend too much time on them."

Further information about this artifact can be found in the corresponding SEAMS'15 paper:
C. Barna, H. Ghanbari, M. Litoiu, and M. Stern, "Hogna: Platform for Self-Adaptive Applications in Cloud Environments",  in Proc. of SEAMS'15, 2015, IEEE.