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    Ilias Gerostathopoulos

    Is anyone else wanting to join the AIL team for a taxi from Frankfurt airport on Sunday evening?
    Maybe Chris or Alessia?



    Hi Amel,

    Excellent! That is the same train. So if you agree I will book the taxi for us to wait in Saarbrucken @ 15h.




    Hi Romina and Lorena,
    I would love to join you for the taxi/mini-bus. I will be arriving in the morning (9am), but can wait for you to travel together. We might want to think whether we want to wait for the other group (Adnan, Ilias, Liliana), but then we have to spent the entire day at the airport :-/

    Best regards,



    I wish I had checked back on this forum. For some reason I thought I left my mail for contact :-)

    I’m arrive at 10am in Frankfurt. I’ve booked a train from Frankfurt to Turkismuhle, then taxi to Dagstuhl.

    I tried phoning the German train company and they were useless, were unable to tell me if my train would be impacted.

    If others around around in the morning, we could go for a group taxi for around 12. However, for it to make sense cost wise, we need around 4 or 5 people in the taxi.




    Could people thinking of getting a taxi around mid-day e-mail me and we can get a group e-mail going… easier to keep track.




    Hi Filip

    That’s Ok for me



    Matthias Tichy


    i will arrive in Frankfurt Airport at 16:15, but it seems there is not group in the afternoon for taxi but only earlier the day or later in the evening.

    @Romina, do yo already have a solution? I think you are time wise closest to my arrival.




    From what I can see from folks arriving in the morning, we have:

    Alessia: 9am
    Lorena: 11:30am
    Romina: 13:50
    Simos: 8am (contacted me via e-mail)
    Myself: 10am

    It looks like a taxi is the only option, unless anyone can clarify the situation with the trains. There is some note that long distance trains will be running but on a different schedule, but we wont know this until Saturday afternoon. The taxi service will want to know by end of today if we are booking.

    I have e-mailed taximartin to see if any group taxis have been booked on the Sunday, and if there is room for more. Awaiting a reply.

    If there are no taxis already booked by others, we need to think about booking a taxi (or waiting at the airport all day and joining the AIL team :-) ). I’m happy to book this but need confirmation from each of those wanting to join.




    I think that we cannot clarify the situations with the trains reliably. The schedule for long distance trains (ICE and IC) has been adapted, however, not for short distance trains such as from Frankfurt to Türkismühle. The only information that is currently available for short distance trains is that there will be cancelations and delays throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, nothing more specific. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to take the taxi!


    Filip Krikava

    Hi Amal,

    The taxi is confirmed. There is a chance that the train will be cancelled and in such case we will go to Saarbrucken by TERs and reschedule the taxi.



    Juan Carlos

    Hello Filip, Amel,

    I’m traveling from Paris to Saarbrucken arriving at 10h55, I can wait for you to get a taxi together give the problem with the trains. The return train is at 19h03. I’ll have 3G on Germany, my email is jcmunoz at



    Dear all,

    I have booked a taxi for 2:45pm – Sunday 19th at Frankfurt Airport, so far we have 5 confirmed and 1 possible.

    If you would like to join us, please contact TaxiMartin and ask to join the 2:45pm taxi (as I may not see your e-mail in time).

    Those who can not make this time, I advise contacting Ilias to join their taxi in the evening.




    Hi Juan,

    Great, let us meet in front of the the train station, the north entrace. The taxi should be waiting there. I’m going to send them an email that it will be three of us.



    Joachim Wackerow

    This is information on the train strike in Germany at the weekend which I sent to the participants of the parallel event in Dagstuhl. I’m one of the organizers of the other event.

    The strike might affect your planned travel by train.

    You can check the current line conditions at the site below, but only 12 hours or less before the departure time.
    Coming from Frankfurt Airport:
    Departure: Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbf
    Arrival: Türkismühle

    Additional information
    Hotline 08000 99 66 33 (in Germany) or +49 1805 33 44 44 (from abroad)
    Train lines in Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland
    Look for line 680 (“KBS 680 Saarbrücken – Türkismühle – Mainz – Frankfurt“).

    Deutsche Bahn compensates all pre-booked online tickets (in the strike period): (only in German).
    Compensation at the Deutsche Bahn ticket offices is possible as well.

    Other options to get to Dagstuhl:

    Share a taxi from Frankfurt airport to Dagstuhl. There should be sufficient number of taxis available around the clock at both terminals of the airport.
    You can book a taxi in advance with taxi Martin. It is advised to do that by phone because of the short notice. Prices and connection details at:
    Additional company (no experience with this):
    Taxis at the Frankfurt airport might be booked out while the strike period. Advance booking might be good. In case Taxi Martin has not enough resources it is recommended to book at the general Taxi number in Frankfurt: +49 69 23 00 01.

    Rental car
    You could share a rental car with others. Please get a road map to navigate safely to Dagstuhl. Page on rental car companies at Frankfurt airport:

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