Student projects in Squeak for the OLPC XO

Mathilda XO

Students of the HPI bachelor's program developed small projects running in the Squeak/Etoys image for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative. Both the OLPC XO machines and the Squeak/Etoys image were provided courtesy of Viewpoints Research Institute (, One Laptop per Child (, and Bert Freudenberg.

BroBreakout    BroBreakout
PetConnect    PetConnect
BDBoulderDash    BDBoulderDash
SpaceCleanUp    SpaceCleanup
Pipes    Pipes
BlockAttack    BlockAttack
Funtowers    Funtowers
StackAttack    Stack Attack
Sokobänban    Sokobänban
Same Game    Same Game
Dice Wars    Dice Wars
Breakout    Breakout
Abalone    Abalone
Sokoban    Sokoban