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    1313Both activities require different functionality, therefore our application supports focusing on the actual task at hand by offering only relevant tools, menus, and widgets. A context switch between text editing and programming features is either directly triggered by the user, or on text cursor change: While writing new text, the user can enter the programming mode by pushing a toolbar button. Whenever the text cursor is moved through the document from text to code and vice versa, the GUI elements are changed accordingly.
    1414The left screenshot on top of this page presents the application's rich text formatting  mode. The toolbar offers various text formatting actions. The right image depicts the programming mode, where the editor comes with an outline and a different toolbar. To support focusing on the source code, any rich text within the document is faded gray.
     16== Implementation ==
     18CJEdit is implemented using [wiki:JCop] and the [ ''Qt Jambi GUI Framework'']. The editor consists of approximately 1400 lines of code, where most parts are written with plain Java constructs and the help of the Qt GUI Designer. The overlay of task-specific user interfaces and behavior is implemented in [wiki:JCop]. The system contains layers that encapsulate rich text and programming widgets such as toolbars and their corresponding behavior.