Deli is a course management system that in particular allows for submitting deliverables and reviewing them. It enables staff to create lectures which students can join and form groups for. Furthermore, students can propose topics to work on and staff can create assignments per group or lecture with automatic deadlines and constraints on the types of deliverables.

How to Install

4.1, 4.2 Trunk
not tested
Deli Repository

If you are using a recent version of Squeak, installation through the Metacello configuration is easiest. Note that this will install Seaside 2.8 and Magritte as dependencies.

(Installer mc http: '')
	project: 'MetacelloRepository';
	install: 'ConfigurationOfDeli'.
ConfigurationOfDeli load.

After install you may start the builtin Seaside server with e.g.

WAKom startOn: 9090

Then you can navigate to http://localhost:9090/seaside/deli to try your Deli installation!


Note that you should configure Deli to run behind an Apache with one of its authentication modules. We currently use mod krb5_auth and Deli picks up this authentication header and extracts a user name from it.

Currently there is no frontend to create administrators in Deli, so in order to add users with staff rights, take a look at the DeliSetup>>InstallDatabase method and modify it to your needs.

Deli currently uses an image based save strategy when run within Squeak. This does not scale well, and is certainly too slow for a reasonably sized lecture. We recommend and support running Deli on a Gemstone instance for production use.

How to Use


How to Extend

If you want to contribute to Deli, you may open a ticket on this tracker. You can attach a patch to the ticket or, preferably, submit an updated version to If you want to make more regular contributions, you can ask for a developer account on the main Deli repository as well.

The test quality for Deli is very low, so don't worry if the tests don't run, we will work on tests as time permits. :)

Some more screenshots


To date the following contributors:

  • Markus Behrens
  • Tim Felgentreff
  • Caroline Fetzer
  • Markus Götz
  • Sebastian Hillig
  • Christian Ress
  • Tobias Pape
  • Martin Schenck
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