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    9393 Button control pane:: There are eleven buttons that allow developers to refine the analysis and execution history. From left to right and top to bottom:
    94  * ''open source code browser'':
    95  * ''Show additional information'':
    96  * ''Coverage per statement'':
    97  * ''Localize faults at statements'':
    98  * ''Start symbolic debugger'':
    99  * ''Expand the complete subtree'':
    100  * ''Step into this call'':
     94 * ''open source code browser'': For the currently selected method a new source code browse will be opened.
     95 * ''Show additional information'': If [wiki:path:pathMap PathMap] has analyzed additional information, this can be seen here.
     96 * ''Coverage per statement'': Refines the coverage down to the executed statements. This will only be done for the chosen method.
     97 * ''Localize faults at statements'': For debugging with our [wiki:path:tutorial:tdfn test-driven fault navigation], this button allows developers to refine the spectrum-based fault localization at the statement level for the chosen method. So, they can see suspicious statements with a high failure cause probability within the chosen method.
     98 * ''Start symbolic debugger'': Starts Squeak's standard debugger at the chosen method and the correct point in time.
     99 * ''Expand the complete subtree'': Shows all subtrees (called methods) starting from the chosen method. For example, this button allows developers to see the entire execution history at once if they click this button on the test case itself. Please note: This can take some time due to the computation of the Morphic tree layout.
     100 * ''Step into this call'': Starts our back-in-time debugger at the statement level and enables the debugging icons from the control panel (see above). So, developers can step through the execution history in arbitrary order.
    102101 * ''Args...'': Opens an object explorer on the right with the current object value of the chosen argument.
    103102 * ''self before'': Opens an object explorer on the right with the receiver object before the method has been executed.