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    3838 Buttons (inv, pre, post) below class pane respectively method pane:: If contracts are available, these buttons allow developers to explore the generated assertions for class invariants, method pre- and method post-conditions. Developers can also change the corresponding source code and write their own assertions. However, please be careful. !PathMap's contract generation will override or remove these manual statements within the next run.
    40  ''Coverage'' button:: XXX new buttons coverage (underlined statements),
     40 ''Coverage'' button:: refines the method coverage at the statement level. It will execute all covering test cases of the selected method and analyze the covering byte codes only for this specific method. In the end, all covered statements will be underlined and present developers further details about executed source code. However, we do not store this information. For later access, this analysis has to be rerun.
    42  ''Path views'' button:: XXX path views (ref)
     42 ''Path views'' button:: displays all model-based views that include the selected source code entities. It also allows developers to create new views that will be opened within our [wiki:path:pathView PathView].
    44  Overlay at variable identifiers:: XXX overlay for type information (ref to type harvesting)
     44 Overlay at variable identifiers:: shows dynamically derived type information from test cases for instance variables, arguments, and return values (move cursor over method selector). We [wiki:path:tutorial:typeHarvesting: harvest these types] from the actual run-time behavior of test cases. For that reason, this information has a probability to be too specific or too generic (depending on test coverage and quality). Nevertheless, for program comprehension this type information can be very helpful.