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Smalltalk Koans

Smalltalk Koans will guide you as a Smalltalk novice from first steps in Smalltalk to your first small project. The path is simple: You get a task, you solve it and you learned something. The Koans Sensei (jap.: teacher) will guide you and show you e.g. Strings, Blocks, Collections and many more.

How to Install

4.2 and later
4.1.1 (win)

Using Metacello, just run the following code in your workspace:

(Installer mc http: '')
  project: 'koans';
  install: 'ConfigurationOfSmalltalkKoans'.
ConfigurationOfSmalltalkKoans load.

If you later want to get the latest development version, run this:

ConfigurationOfDesigner loadDevelopment.

System categories

Koans-Core ... Core and UI Components bringing the Sensei to life.
Koans-Abouts ... All Smalltalk koan lessons.
Koans-Bonsai ... Additional classes used during lessons.

Version 1.0

  • initial release

How to Use

Initial Steps to start Koans :)


The Smalltalk Koans were inspired by the Edgecase Ruby Koans project and the original "The little Lisper" Book by Daniel P. Friedman and Matthias Felleisen.

To date the following people contributed to this project:

  • Eric Seckler
  • Robin Schreiber
  • Patrick Rein

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