CodeTalk allows developers to have conversations about source code elements. They can mark code sections they are concerned about and annotate them. These annotations provide entry points for an informal discourse about the strengths and weaknesses of these sections and developers can work towards a conclusion on how to proceed on the raised issues.

IEEE paper @ C5 2010

How to Install

4.1, 4.2 Trunk
4.0.2 (win)
not tested with cog
CT-MarkupBrowser (optional)
CT-Monticello (optional)

Using Metacello, just run the following code in your workspace:

(Installer mc http: '')
   project: 'MetacelloRepository';
   install: 'ConfigurationOfCodeTalk'.
ConfigurationOfCodeTalk load.

If you want to try the latest (maybe unstable) development version, run this:

ConfigurationOfCodeTalk loadDevelopment.

Configuration groups

default ... CodeTalk itself, Monticello integration, markup browser

System categories

CodeTalk-Core ... loader and shared preferences
CodeTalk-Editor ... morphs and models to edit markups
CodeTalk-Events ... system events that signal markup changes
CodeTalk-Model ... markup database (other related model classes)
CodeTalk-OB-Commands ... OmniBrowser commands for context menus
CodeTalk-OB-Lists ... custom lists in the system browser
CodeTalk-OB-Nodes ... used in custom browsers, e.g., markup browser
CodeTalk-Tests ... just tests
CodeTalk-Text ... text-related classes (editor, styler, paragraph, morph)
CodeTalk-Text-Attributes ... custom text attributes
CodeTalk-Text-Icons ... inline icon morphs to be used in text morphs

Version 1.1 (in development)

  • ...

Version 1.0

  • initial release
  • supports Monticello (as in Squeak 4.2 Trunk)
  • adds markup browser (custom OB-like browser)

How to Use



To date, the following people contributed to this project:

  • Michael Grünewald
  • Jens Lincke
  • Tobias Pape
  • Max Plauth
  • Stefan Richter
  • Christopher Schuster
  • Bastian Steinert
  • Marcel Taeumel
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