Dragonfly: a Tool for Simulating Self-Adaptive Drone Behaviours

by Paulo Henrique Maia, Lucas Vieira, Matheus Chagas, Yijun Yu, Andrea Zisman, and Bashar Nuseibeh


Drone simulators can provide an abstraction of different applications of drones and facilitate reasoning about distinct situations, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of these applications. In this paper we describe Dragonfly, a simulator of the behaviours of individual and collection of drones in various environments, involving random contextual variables and different environmental settings. Dragonfly supports the use of several drones in applications and evaluates the satisfaction of requirements under normal and exceptional situations. It simulates adaptive behaviours of drones due to exceptional situations. The adaption of drones is based on the use of wrappers implemented using aspect-oriented programming.


Dragonfly Paper

Dragonfly Artifact