Lotus@Runtime: A Tool for Runtime Monitoring and Verification of Self-adaptive Systems

by  Davi Monteiro Barbosa, Romulo Gadelha de Moura Lima, Paulo Henrique Mendes Maia, and Evilasio Costa Junior


This paper presents Lotus@Runtime, an extensible tool that uses models@runtime to monitor and verify self-adaptive systems. The tool monitors the execution traces generated by a self-adaptive system and annotates the probabilities of occurrence of each system action on their respective transition on the system model, which is created at design time in the tool as a Labelled Transition System (LTS). Then, runtime checks of a set of reachability properties are performed against the updated probabilistic model. If a property is violated, the self-adaptive system can be informed by a notification mechanism provided by Lotus@Runtime. The applicability of the proposed tool has been demonstrated by two service-based self-adaptive systems taken and adapted from the literature.


Download the Lotus@Runtime artifact and paper from the Dagstuhl Artifacts Series: